“Ingredients in Living a Fulfilling Life.” How Alice Walton’s Philanthropy Is Evolving and Expanding

Alice Walton, the only daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton, established Crystal Bridges Museum of Art in 2005, with the mission to “"welcome all to celebrate the American spirit in a setting that unites the power of art with the beauty of nature."

The museum opened its doors in 2011, and in the intervening decade, the world’s richest woman has emerged as one of America’s most important arts philanthropists in areas like arts education, boosting Americans’ exposure to world-class art, and building a pipeline for diverse leaders in the field. She’s also expanded her footprint in the health and wellness space in recent years by promoting a holistic approach to care and removing barriers to access.

Last November, Crystal Bridges announced that Olivia Walton, who is married to Alice’s nephew Tom, would replace Alice as the museum’s chair and that she would transition into the position of board member.

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