Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

The mission of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is to welcome all to celebrate the American spirit in a setting that unites the power of art with the beauty of nature. Founded by philanthropist Alice Walton as a non-profit charitable organization, Crystal Bridges opened to the public in 2011 as a free museum for all to enjoy.

The collection spans five centuries of American masterworks from early American to current day and is enhanced by temporary exhibitions. The museum is nestled on 120 acres of Ozark landscape and was designed by world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie. A rare Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house was preserved and relocated to the museum grounds in 2015.

Crystal Bridges offers public programs including lectures, performances, classes, and teacher development opportunities. Some 300,000 school children have participated in the Willard and Pat Walker School Visit program, which provides educational experiences for school groups at no cost to the schools.

In February 2020, the museum opened a satellite contemporary art space in downtown Bentonville called the Momentary. In 2021, Crystal Bridges announced plans for a major expansion. Adding nearly 100,000 square feet to the 200,000-square-foot facility, the expansion will allow the museum to showcase its growing collection and welcome more visitors to experience the power of art, in an inclusive environment. Watch the video.

Alice L. Walton School of Medicine

Alice L. Walton School of Medicine is reimagining medical education with whole health principles. This MD-degree granting school will be located in Bentonville, Arkansas, with a state-of-the-art facility currently under development.

Whole Health Institute

The Whole Health Institute focuses on radically redesigning the systems that impact our health and well-being with the ultimate goal of making the Whole Health model affordable and accessible to all. This, together with a grass roots, community-based movement will create a radical shift in connectivity, compassion, and collective humanity.

Whole Health empowers and equips people to take charge of their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, and live their lives to the fullest.

Alice L. Walton Foundation

The Alice L. Walton Foundation is a philanthropic organization committed to increasing access to the arts, improving education, enhancing health, and advancing economic opportunity for all.

Through this work, the foundation strives to deliver meaningful and lasting change to individuals and communities most in need.

Art Bridges

In 2017, Alice founded Art Bridges, a non-profit foundation that partners with institutions of all sizes to expand access to American art, especially in regions where there is currently limited or no access.

Art Bridges works closely with partner institutions, providing financial and strategic support for exhibitions, loans and collection sharing, as well as for programming, audience engagement and evaluation. Through innovative Art Bridges-funded projects, partners have deepened connections with their local communities and increased access to great American art.

The foundation is also building a collection of great American art and sharing it with regional museums through long-term loans. These loans have activated existing collections and inspired larger institutions to open their vaults and share important works across the country. By connecting institutions of varying sizes and scopes in collaborative partnerships, Art Bridges provides partners with a wealth of opportunities for professional development.

To date, Art Bridges has reached more than 2.4 million people through more than 400 projects.

Walton Family Foundation

Alice Walton is a member of the Walton Family Foundation, which focuses on improving K-12 education, investing in conservation that helps communities thrive, and giving back in the Mississippi Delta region and Northwest Arkansas, where the Walton family calls home. For nearly three decades, the Walton Family Foundation has continued the philanthropic vision begun by her parents, Sam and Helen Walton. They had an unshakable belief in the power of individuals to transform their lives. Today the Walton family – Sam and Helen’s children and grandchildren – lead the foundation with a focus on awarding grants that drive not just incremental, but transformative, change.

Camp War Eagle

Alice guided the creation of Camp War Eagle, a sports, adventure and recreation summer camp for boys and girls ages seven to seventeen from Northwest Arkansas. Located on the shores of Beaver Lake, the camp serves children of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Since 2006, the 600-acre camp has hosted over 59,000 campers. Camp War Eagle offers over 100 activities and educational classes for campers including its SOAR afterschool program, a job readiness program and mentoring and tutoring program. The camp’s programs and staff have contributed 1.2 million community service hours and facilitated over 1,500 community engagement events supporting youth in the region.

The camp offers need-based scholarships to children who make a commitment to community service and improving grades. The scholarships give children that would not normally have the opportunity to attend a camp of this stature the chance to do so. Camp War Eagle applicants who demonstrate the most positive impact on Northwest Arkansas have the best opportunity for placement in Camp War Eagle’s programs.