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Walton Family Foundation

Alice Walton plays a central role in the activities of the Walton Family Foundation, which focuses on K-12 education reform, economic development in the Mississippi Delta region and in Northwest Arkansas, and environmental conservation.

The Foundation pursues a philanthropic mission established by Sam and Helen Walton. When Sam Walton opened the original "Walton's Five and Dime" in 1950 he did so with a strong belief in the power of an individual to make a positive difference in his or her own life and community. Throughout a career that created Wal-Mart, one of the world's leading companies, Sam Walton believed strongly in achievement, and that included philanthropic commitment and results as well as corporate success.

Sam and Helen Walton's philosophy of giving is based on life-long experiences in small town Northwest Arkansas that teach the value of personal engagement and involvement, the power of education in society, and that making philanthropic investments should make an appreciable difference in communities.

The Foundation and the Walton family today seek to honor those basic principles and values, even as the focus of its giving has expanded beyond projects and institutions in Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas.

Camp War Eagle

Ms. Walton is responsible for the creation of Camp War Eagle, a sports, adventure and recreation summer camp for boys and girls ages 7 to 17 from Northwest Arkansas. Located on the shores of Beaver Lake, Arkansas, the camp will serve children of all socioeconomic backgrounds and offer need-based scholarships to children who make a commitment to community service and improving grades.

Rocking W Ranch

Alice Walton at the Rocking W Ranch

Alice Walton and the Rocking W Ranch featured in 360 West Magazine

Alice Walton has had a life-long passion for horses.  She is a prominent breeder and trainer of cutting horses, and has competed for many years in cutting horse competitions.  Cutting horses and their riders are skilled at herding technique and the subtle art of "cutting" cattle from the herd.   

The Rocking W Ranch in Mineral Wells, Texas breeds and sells cutting horses, and can be visited on the Web at www.waltonsrocking

For more information about cutting horses and competition in your area, please visit the National Cutting Horse Association at:

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